Jennifer Hansen Rolli
"August Bay"
Jack Florczyk
"Different Parts of Identity Told Through a Single Moment"
9410 Second Ave
Stone Harbor NJ
Events @ Beacon Art
Labor Day Weekend Artist Reception
Caitlin Accurso
Acrylic and resin
36" x 36"

Seek One
"Abstract 003"
Vintage media (newspapers/magazines), acrylics, spray paint, cement, gold leaf & oil on wood panel
36" x 36"
Sarah Becktel
"Big Boy"
Oil on Linen Covered Panel
30" x 24"
2021 brings more great art to the Exhibition Schedule. Exhibitions at Beacon Art will continue to feature the growing cadre of regional and national artists. 
Join us each month for our Second Sunday Openings from 11-2pm and Labor Day Weekend Saturday from 6-8pm to enjoy the art. Refreshments are provided.
Summer 2021 Exhibition Schedule

August 1st
Jeff Schaller

August 8th
Daniel Colon

Labor Day Weekend
Caitlin Accurso
Seek One

Savor September on 96th St
Jodie Maurer