"Twist of Fate"
By Andy DiPietro
Ribbon form sculpture carved from beautiful Eastern Red Cedar
"Let's Go!"
Blanche Guernsey
Oil on Canvas
36" x 36"
9410 Second Ave
Stone Harbor NJ
Events @ Beacon Art
2023 Exhibitions at Beacon Art will continue to feature the growing cadre of regional and national artists. 
 2023 Artist Exhibition Calendar

May 1st
Kathy Feighery

Memorial Day Weekend
Ted Walsh
Andrew DiPietro

June 17th
Seek One

July 1st
Monika Nask
Gary Schwartz

July 15th
Ursula Brenner
Taesook Jung

August 5th
Kevin Cummins
Molly Sanger Carpenter

August 19th
Karen McCool

Join us for Opening Receptions from 4pm-6pm on the dates listed above.

Paintings by Kathy Feighery on exhibit
"Under The Cherry Blossom"
Acrylic on Panel
36" x 48"